About Us

Olympia Diagnostics is an In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) company focusing on development and commercialization of the most advanced breakthrough products for cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Our Mission

We strive to create the most accurate and actionable diagnostic and prognostic products to improve cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. We are dedicated to saving people’s lives, reducing patient suffering, lowering healthcare cost and burden to the society.

Our Vision

We believe the current cancer diagnostic and prognostic tests are not ideal and there is an urgent need for improvement: they have low sensitivity/specificity and/or are invasive and costly. Many cancer patients are not detected by current diagnostic methods due to low sensitivity, therefore missed the opportunity to be treated early, which leads to mortality and cancer as the leading cause of death. On the other hand, many people without cancer had to endure invasive and repetitive tests due to low specificity of the current tests. Without accurate prognostic test to distinguish patients with aggressive, recurrent or metastatic cancer, many patients have to endure unnecessary treatment and suffering while patients with aggressive or recurrent cancer do not receive sufficient treatment that result in cancer progression, recurrence, metastasis and death. Therefore it is imperative to develop more accurate cancer diagnostic and prognostic tests.

Our Technology

We developed a proprietary biomarker discovery platform to identify and validate biomarkers important for cancer tumorigenesis, progression and metastasis. We developed biomarker-panels that are able to detect and diagnosis cancer, distinguish aggressive and non-aggressive cancer, distinguish metastatic and non-metastatic cancer, and predict cancer recurrence and patient survival, with very high sensitivity and specificity. Based on these biomarker-panels, we have developed test products that can accurately and quantitatively measure gene expression levels of the biomarkers in the panels using Real-Time quantitative PCR (Real-Time qRT-PCR) technology. Our proprietary algorithm is then used to give diagnosis or prognosis based on gene expression levels of a patient’s biomarker-panel.

Our Products

We have developed four novel products for prostate cancer diagnosis and prognosis that can accurately diagnose prostate cancer and give treatment guidance. Our products can distinguish prostate cancer from normal or benign prostate lesion, distinguish aggressive prostate cancer that requires immediate treatment from indolent prostate cancer that needs only surveillance, distinguish patients with metastatic cancer or will develop metastatic cancer from patients without metastatic cancer, distinguish patients who will have cancer recurrence from patients who will not, and predict patient survival time.

Our Dream

Our dream is to help patients and make a difference in their lives. By providing accurate and actionable diagnosis and prognosis for cancer detection, patient stratification, treatment guidance, and progression monitoring, we will be able to improve cancer detection and clinical treatment, avoid unnecessary suffering and save patient lives.