Product description

A prognostic test kit quantitatively measures the expression levels of a panel of cancer recurrence-associated biomarkers in patient urine sample or biopsy tissue sample to predict cancer recurrence and patient survival

Function and Applications

  • Prognosis and treatment guidance: stratify patients based on predicted prostate cancer recurrence and survival time to determine the most appropriate treatment for patients
  • Prostate cancer progression surveillance: monitor prostate cancer progression and recurrence
  • Prevent both “under-treatment” and “over-treatment”

Testing Mechanism

  • Detection of a panel of prognosis-specific biomarkers that are differentially expressed in recurrent and non recurrent prostate cancer cells
  • Prostate cancer cells dissociate from prostate gland and are released into urine, so metastasis-specific biomarkers in cancer cells can be detected in the urine sample

Detection Method

Using multiplex real-time quantitative RT-PCR to measure gene expression levels of cancer recurrence-associated biomarkers and the prognosis is made with our proprietary data analysis algorithm

Testing Platform

Test is run on any real time PCR machine, can be performed in most clinical testing labs.

Clinical Study Results

In one study with 140 prostate cancer patients, the test on cancer recurrence has:
Sensitivity=80.56%, Specificity=98.08%, AUC=0.955, P<0.0001

In the same study, the test on comparing ≤2-year recurrence-free with >5-year recurrence-free has:
Sensitivity=80.00%, Specificity=100.00%, AUC=0.957, P<0.0001